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About the author:

It was not long ago that I was stuck in a vicious cycle, living paycheck to paycheck, while swimming in piles of debt. Now, I’m living debt free and finally broke the vicious cycle. I’ve compiled the very best actionable tips into this book to help you reset your financial situation for good. Learn from my lessons and lean on my guidance to overcome the toughest financial obstacles, no matter where you are at right now.

The Ultimate Financial Resource

This is the only book you need to reset your finances and get your life on track to bigger and better things. This book will give you the tools you need to take control of not only your finances, but your life. Are you not spending enough time with your loved ones because money is tight? Are you working yourself sick to try to catch up? Once you are relieved from the heavy weight of your financial situation, you can finally begin to live life the way you deserve and give your loved ones the time and resources they need to thrive.

This book is jam-packed with actionable tips on how to reduce bills and tricks to help you get the upper hand on lenders. It will point you towards the best deals, show you how to clear your credit report of hard inquiries and missed payments, and much more.

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